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Galaxy Note Release Date: New Galaxy Note 7 Arriving on August 19

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Finally, Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Note release date. And as claimed by the previous rumors, it is coming in August with a skipped model number. Continue reading this article to find all the details.

Galaxy Note Release Date - New Galaxy Note 7 Arriving on August 19

Galaxy Note Release Date being Set on August 19

Samsung has just launched the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 7. The device looks quite similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge flagship phablet. However, it comes with a ton of new features. The device hasn’t entered into the market. But it will do it within just a few days. Samsung announces August 19 as the Galaxy Note release date. On the particular date, it will be available in all the four major carriers.

When you look at the Galaxy Note 7 for the very first time, you will have a hard time distinguishing it with the Galaxy S7 Edge. It has the same dual-curved Super AMOLED quad-HD display as the previously released smartphone, but with a slightly larger size of 5.7-inch. It also comes with the same Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB RAM, 12-MP primary camera, quick charging and fast charging technologies. However, there are some different features. For instance, a new iris scanner has joined the fingerprint scanner, which allows you to perform user authentication with your eyes.  The display curvature is also different, which offers more surface area. More importantly, several essential features, like microSD card slot and dustproof and water resistant capabilities, which had been scrapped off the current generation Galaxy Note 5, have made their returns. Overall, it has everything that a passionate phablet lover wants.

While August 19 has been set as the Galaxy Note release date, the preorders have already been started. However, to have such an outstanding device, you will have to spend a large among of money, as it will cost you at least $850 in the US.

Samsung typically sets the new Galaxy Note release date before Apple launches a new iPhone model. It always helps the Korean tech giant to stay ahead in the game.