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No Galaxy Note S6: Samsung Reveals Galaxy Note 7 with a 12-MP Primary Camera

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If you had been waiting for the Galaxy Note S6 or simply Note 6, we have a bad news and a great news for you at the same time. Continue reading this article to find them out.

No Galaxy Note S6 - Samsung Reveals Galaxy Note 7 with a 12-MP Primary Camera

Galaxy Note S6 and Note 6 Abandoned for Galaxy Note 7

Earlier, a number of different rumors claimed that the next-generation flagship Samsung phablet, the Note 6, will be launched in this month. Some of the reports also regard the device as the Galaxy Note S6. Bad news. It is not going to happen. But here is the great news. Samsung has revealed the device, but with a skipped model number. That means, the new flagship Samsung phablet is known as the Galaxy Note 7.

The abandonment of the Galaxy Note S6 was confirmed when Samsung introduces the new Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month. It comes with all the advanced features that you wanted badly. It has become slimmer, more stylish and more powerful.

You will fall in love to the Galaxy Note 7 at the very first sight. It looks absolutely fantastic. The slimmer curve into the metallic rim around the edges looks really great. The 5.7-inch display has once again stolen the show. It comes with the mobile HDR, which enable it to display dark and bright areas equally well.

Similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge, it comes with the 12-MP primary shooter. So, it will definitely be able to take razor sharp photos. Its 5-MP secondary camera can also take great selfies.

Under the hood, it has been packed with the octa-core processor, Mali-T880 MP12 GPU and 4 GB RAM, which are ideal for running high-end games smoothly. There is almost no device on the market that is able to beat it in terms of stunning gaming performance.

One of the most important feature of the Galaxy S7 is the new Iris Scanner. It allows you to authenticate the device using your eyes, which is really cool.

Overall, the move of replacing the rumored names, Galaxy Note S6 and Note 6, with a skipped model number is a pretty smart move, as it reflects how incredibly advanced the new Galaxy Note 7 is!