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Note 6 Release Date Might be Set in the First Week of August 2016

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The rumors on the Note 6 release date have been buzzing all the phablet communities for the last several months. Some of them seem really true and logical. In this article, you will find one of the most buzzing rumors on the release date of the next-generation smartphone of the recent time. Take a look at it.

Note 6 Release Date Might be Set in the First Week of August 2016

Tipster Evan Blass Reveals the Most Possible Note 6 Release Date

Evan Blass, a tipster, who has achieved a huge popularity for revealing the release date of the future devices, has once again successfully created a massive buzz. This time, he does it with the next-generation Samsung phablet. He claims that we are just two months away from seeing the launch of the device right from now. That means, the Note 6 release date will be set in the first week of August 2016.  Here is his tweet:

The tweet has already drawn a massive attention from not only the smartphone enthusiasts but also the top rated online publications, like Forbes and International Business Times. There are two reasons behind it. First, Evan Blass is really accurate in revealing the release dates of the hottest upcoming devices. Second, the claimed release date is very logical. The current generation Galaxy Note 5 has also been revealed in the particular month.

In addition to mentioning the Note 6 release date, Blass also reveals an interesting factor. It is the possibility of seeing the jump of the model number. According to the recent rumors, Samsung has been planning to name the next-generation phablet to “Galaxy Note 7,” rather than Note 6. It has been said that the company has been very impressed with the performance of the Galaxy S7 in the market. It is trying to bring “7” in the name of the phablet with a view to avoiding the conflict of the two different brands, which might affect the overall number of sales.

Samsung hasn’t commented on the alleged Note 6 release date yet.