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Note 6 Specs: 6-Inch 4K Foldable Display, 3.1-GHz 16 Core Processor, 21-MP Primary Camera and More

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As we have entered into 2016, rumors about the potential Note 6 specs have started to swirl throughout the internet. It has been claimed that the Galaxy Note 6 will become one of the most powerful phablets of this year. All the credits will go to its outstanding specification.

Take a look at the detailed Note 6 specs.

Note 6 Specs - 6-Inch 4K Foldable Display, 3.1-GHz 16 Core Processor, 21-MP Primary Camera and More

Note 6 Specs: 6-Inch 4K Foldable Display

The Galaxy Note 6 is rumored to be equipped with a large 6-inch display. It will come with 4K video compatibility. As a result, it will be one of the most stunning smartphone displays of 2016. There will also be a unique feature. According to the rumors on the Note 6 specs, the display will be foldable. That means, you can fold the phablet like your money bag. So, you will be able to carry it in your pocket comfortably.

Note 6 Specs: 27-MP Primary Camera and 8-MP Secondary Camera

The mega pixel range of the camera of the Galaxy Note 6 will receive a major bump. According to the different rumors, the device will feature the 27-MP primary camera and 8-MP secondary camera. It is a major upgrade from the 16-MP rear shooter and 5-MP front shooter of the Galaxy Note 5. As a result, the cameras of the upcoming device will be able to take incredibly dazzling photos.

Note 6 Specs: 3.1-GHz 16 Core Processor and 6 or 8 GB RAM

Every next generation smartphone comes with the advanced processor. The Galaxy Note 6 will also be no different. The device is rumored to feature a 3.1-GHZ 16 core processor, which is a significant upgrade from the octa-core processor of the current generation Galaxy Note 5. Moreover, the capacity of RAM is expected to be enhanced to 6 GB or 8 GB. It is a massive improvement, which will definitely make the Galaxy Note 6 one of the most powerful and fastest smartphones of all time.

Note 6 Specs: MicroSD Card Slot

The absence of the MicroSD card slot in the Galaxy Note 5 has infuriated a large number of users. It disables them from expanding the storage capacity, which results into the shortage of storage issue. But according to the different rumors on the Note 6 specs, the microSD card slot will return. So, you will definitely have a massive storage to keep plenty of games, apps, photos and movies on the device.

Note 6 Specs: 4000 mAh Battery

Being larger than the predecessor, the Galaxy Note 6 requires a more powerful battery. Knowing this fact, Samsung is rumored to equip the device with the massive 4000 mAh battery. It will definitely enable the smartphone to last longer than Galaxy Note 5 significantly.

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